Aka – Architecture Kids Athens

Logo design and identity development

Year: 2019

Aka | ARCHITECTURE KIDS ATHENS, a non-profit architectural center for children, is located in Athens, Greece. Convinced that architectural education enables creative thinking and acting, Aka curates educational and recreational activities for children, intending to become a creative hub within the city that promotes excellence in architectural culture and pedagogy.

The design of the visual identity of Aka is based on the idea of shapes and movement. The playful repositioning of the letter ‘A’ in the logo proposes a new way for the letters to fit. The choice to use a friendly, rounded typeface throughout the identity suggests a safe environment with rounded edges, suited for kids.


Aka Channel is part of the cultural platform the center aspires to be and focuses on the many ways in which children and young people are related to the built environment.

The Aka Channel animated logo was designed as part of the Aka visual identity. It combines the Aka logo with the universal shape of the Play button.