Biennale of Young Greek Architects

Organized by EIA

Poster & Catalogue design

Printers: Fotolio S.A.

Exhibition photo: EIA archive

Year: 2007-2021

The institution of the Biennale of Young Greek Architects was established in 1995 by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture with the aim of encouraging young architects and highlighting their work through exhibitions, seminars and publications.

In 2007 we were invited by EIA to design the poster and catalogue of the 5th installment of the Biennale of Young Greek Architects.

The idea for the design is based on strengthening the visual identity of the Biennale by focusing on just two very significant and repetitive elements: the number of the current Biennale and its determining main color. Both elements are intended to be used throughout each exhibition and applied to all its subsequent promotional material.

This allows for continuity, as both these two design tools will be used in any future Biennale exhibition as connecting features of the institution’s visual identity.

The 3D/cut-out number and the rough paper-pulp cover of the catalogue play with the notion of the creative construction process.