EIA Architecture Award 2022

Logo & Catalogue design

Exhibition photo: EIA Architecture Award 2022 

/ Photos Curated by the Design Ambassador

Printers: Fotolio S.A.

Year: 2022

The EIA Architecture Award is the highest accolade for a completed project, established for the first time in Greece in 2000 by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture. It is granted every four years and aims to showcase contemporary Greek architecture.

We were commissioned to design the new logo, which will be the permanent logo of the award henceforth, as well as the poster and catalogue of the current event.

The concept of the logo is based on a playful manipulation of the typography and title, working within and without the confines of an hexagon, leaving space for a vast and versatile application scope of the award’s visual identity.

The choice of earthly tones for the 2022 award evokes the feeling of being in tune with nature.