Lilium – Elisavet Moraki

Book design

208 pages | 195x250mm | Greek + English

Soft cover & jacket cover

Printers: Fotolio S.A.

Photo Scanning & editing: Graphicon

Bookbinding: Ptiksis – N. Karakostas

Published by: futura publications

Year: 2008

The photographic album Lilium by artist Elisavet Moraki features a selection of images addressing a wide scope of emotions, whether depicting an interior, a gesture, a landscape or a face. She creates a record of fragments in her search for a new whole, with images in which each of us may recognise a part of ourselves.

The design references a family photo album, opting for a minimal layout and the unconventional use of vintage rice paper as a cover instead of using it as a page divider, gently enveloping the book’s delicate title printed underneath.