MORA Olim Peloponnesus

Book design


1248 pages | 196x250mm | Greek | Hard Cover

Author – Editor: Panayotis Tsakopoulos

Copy editor: Lambrini Krikoni

Printers: Fotolio S.A.

Bookbinding: Libro d’oro

Cover screen printing: Pantotype

Paper: Munken Pure + Materica Clay

Publisher: Reflections Architects’ Files

Photographed by: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

Year: 2023


MORA olim Peloponnesus. Spatial organization and morphology of the city in Southern Greece during the Ottoman era 1458-1821.

The study, written in Greek, deals with the urban structure of the cities of the Peloponnese during the three and a half centuries of the Ottoman conquest and explores the morphological imprint of the Ottoman urban pattern in this region, choosing in particular as case studies nine urban settlements (Tripolitsa, Patras, Corinth, Argos, Mistras, Nauplia, Navarino, Methoni and Koroni). The research is largely based on original cartographic and drawing archival material, which have been located in many Εuropean Archives and Libraries. 

The book is structured in two parts. In the first part, a research of the urban function and form of the nine selected examples is attempted based on historical texts, travel accounts, manuscript drawings, maps and topographic plans that are combined, evaluated and juxtaposed, to lead to corresponding cartographic proposals for the reconstruction of the residential fabric of the nine case studies at the end of the Ottoman era. In the second part, a synthetic approach is proposed that attempts to integrate the urban phenomenon in the Ottoman Peloponnese into the wider context of the Ottoman city in the Mediterranean world.