The Future as a Project; Doxiadis in Skopje 

Publication design

176 pages | 165x230mm | English

Soft cover

Edited by:

Kalliopi Amygdalou, Kostas Tsiambaos,

Christos-Georgios Kritikos

Printers: Fotolio S.A.

Exhibition organized by: EIA

Year: 2018

The book The Future as a Project; Doxiadis in Skopje coincides with the exhibition of the same title presenting for the first time the impressive work of Konstantinos Doxiadis in Skopje, including detailed records of the damage from the 1963 earthquake, design strategies and a new urban plan for the city. It also presents Kenzo Tange’s work for the center of Skopje, as well as a series of buildings by important Yugoslav architects that still stand today in the city center.

The layout of the book is inspired by design elements of the 1960s as well the era’s color scheme.