Vassilis Bogakos_Architecture

136 pages  |  210x270mm  |  Greek + English

Soft cover & jacket cover

Production: Reflections Architects’ Files

Edited by: Panayotis Tsakopoulos

Printers: Kostopoulos Printing House

Published by: POTAMOS publishers

Year: 2017

This is the first volume in a series of comprehensive monographs produced by Reflection Architects’ Files, presenting the work of significant but less known Greek architects.

Since 1956, V. Bogakos has distinguished himself for his architecture as well as his design work. Inspired by the latter, the cover was designed as a fragmented version of the architect’s surname, homage to his 1970 ceramic tile designs. Yellow has been selectively used and juxtaposed to the book’s predominantly black and white design, as a reference to the architect’s colour palette.