Yiannis Koukis _works & projects

232 pages  |  210x270mm  |  Greek + English

Soft cover & jacket cover

Production: Reflections Architects’ Files

Edited by: Panayotis Tsakopoulos

Printers: Kostopoulos Printing House

Bookbinding: Libro d’oro

Published by: POTAMOS publishers

Year: 2018


Yiannis Koukis – works & projects is the second volume in a series of comprehensive monographs, produced by Reflection Architects’ Files, presenting the work of significant but less known Greek architects.

This monograph presents the work of architect Yiannis Koukis. Geometric processing, materiality, and a relationship with the surrounding landscape are the three main components that can be identified in his buildings, contributing to the primal, almost mystical dynamic of his work.

The cover design and the layout of the book highlight the special relationship his works have with the landscape. The cover photo is part of the architect’s archives. It depicts a building which appears to be a continuation of the landscape as well as inclusive of the human element.

For the cover and the appendix, a rough-to-the-touch, pulp eco-friendly paper in an earthly olive green tone was chosen in order to enhance the feeling of being in touch with nature while browsing through the book.